Rob Wanders is author of poetry albums as well as of Genealogy books.

He wrote three poetry albums: ‘Een Eeuwige Roos’ (published InHoused, 1994), ‘Hé Blauwe Vogel’ (published InHoused, 1999) and ‘Shadow of the Past’ (by publishing house Salmoura, 2015; for sale via, a.o.). In 2012 he combined the two different art forms on the CD: “Words around Midnight.” A number of songs on the CD are preceded by poems written and recited by himself.

Rob is also co-author (together with André Wanders) of the Genealogy books: ‘Wanders in the Wide World’ (also see our Facebookpage: Wanders-in-the-Wide-World). Every book of the serie covers one Wanders family tree. He himself is a descendant from the Grieth-Grietherbusch-Elten-Hekelingen-Amsterdam tree. Six volumes have been published so far:

  1. Two family trees in Kleve (April 2017)
  2. From Wageningen to Pella (June 2017)
  3. The Grieth-Grietherbusch-Elten-Hekelingen-Amsterdam tree (July 2017)
  4. The Anholt-Amsterdam tree (November 2018)
  5. The Arnhem-Den Haag-Zuidoost Drentse tree (November 2019)
  6. The Six Duffelt Trees (October 2020)
  7. The Seven Southeast Gelderse Trees (December 2020)