Rob Wanders Sings Mickey Newbury


Album cover Rob Wanders sings Mickey Newbury






  1. Willow tree (Wish I was)
    (M. Newbury) 03:42
  2. What will I do
    (M. Newbury) 03:25
  3. How many times (must the piper be paid for his song)
    (M. Newbury) 05:12
  4. Just dropped in (to see what condition my condition was in)
    (M. Newbury) 02:17
  5. Sweet memories
    (M. Newbury) 03:26
  6. Frisco depot
    (M. Newbury) 03:45
  7. If you want me to I’ll go
    (M. Newbury) 03:56
  8. Lie to me darlin’
    (M. Newbury) 04:15
  9. He even woke me up to say goodbye
    (M. Newbury) 03.26
  10. The 33rd of August
    (M. Newbury) 04:14
  11. Poison red berries
    (M. Newbury) 04:19
  12. The sailor
    (M. Newbury) 03:39


Rob Wanders (vocals), Wiebe Pier Cnossen (piano, drums, bass guitar, flute, background vocals), Jan-Paul van der Meij (guitar, organ, strings/synthesizer).

Rec. Studio JP, Wijk aan Zee; June and October 2014.


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